Innovative Strategies for Becoming

a more Integral Part of your Community


8 Steps to an Embedded Church Identity

Matt Roberts - Senior Pastor, The Genesis Project

The dictionary defines embedded as: "Incorporated or contained as an essential part or characteristic; to make something an integral part of".  One common trait of churches that are growing in numbers and growing disciples is an intentional outward focus on becoming an integral part of their community. Learn the keys to moving a ministry from the fringe of a community to an embedded identity, where a ministry truly seeks to change its position within the community and impact the brokenness of people, their families, and the relational systems they are entangled in.

6 Keys to Embedded Church Design

Don Mahoney - President & Principal Architect for Building God's Way

Your community is your mission field. Does your building reflect a ministry outpost or a religious museum? Learn about the latest design strategies for creating more effective ministry tools that meet the needs of the community 7 days a week. Architect Don Mahoney has led the Building God's Way team through the design of more than 800 ministry facilities nationwide. 

Financially Sustainable Ministries

Eric Bahme - CEO, MBS Solutions

Eric is the author of the book, “The Mission-Based Entrepreneur Revolution: Developing Economic Engines that Drive Mission-based Movements". A senior pastor for over 20 years, Eric is an innovator and a pioneer in the financially sustainable, “embedded church” model and he travels the country helping church leaders to discover and develop the untapped potential of these opportunities. 

Building God's Way vs. the world's way

Don Mahoney - President & Principal Architect, BGW

Don Mahoney shares the heart, vision and strategy behind the unique Building God’s Way approach, a program that has revolutionized the way Christian church and school buildings are designed and constructed. Learn how to reduce the cost of your next building or remodel project by 20-30%.

Making Waves

Steve Poe - Senior Pastor of Northview Church, Carmel, IN

Over 80% of the churches in America have plateaued or are in decline, and 8 churches a day in the United States and Canada are closing their doors. And yet most men and women go into Pastoral ministry with a dream and a desire to grow a church. They feel called to reach their world but are often discouraged with the results. Steve Poe will talk about some speci c things you can do as a pastor that will grow your church and help you make some serious waves for the Kingdom.

Our Journey to Financial Sustainability

Glenn Meredith, Senior Pastor of Brookhaven Church in McKinney, TX

Pastor Meredith recently led his congregation through a bold building expansion program with BGW that incorporates a full-time day care center that will serve the community and generate sustainable income for the ministry. Pastor Meredith shares about the journey his church has been on for 6 years and the tremendous impact that the new facility is having on the ministry and the local community.

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